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Welcome to David Is My Moron, An LJ community for Simple Plan's very own Bass Player David Desrosiers!

There's aren't many Rules excet these
*If you come here to say that David is Ugly or Simple Plan sucks you'll be banned :)
*Introduce yourself when you join
*Makes posts Friends only Please
*Promoting is allowed just not Excessivly please :)
*We're free here about Language, race, sexual orientation, Opinions, Concert Experiences, And fan Fictions (please Keep R rated and Below, no NC-17)
*Offensive Comments will be deleted
*PLease LJ cut you're Pics and Long Entries!! it's helps with this Silly but Cool Layout :D
* ENJOY! Enjoy it here, Talk about David and Post some Pics! He is after all the hottest most Adorable Bass Player EVER...who looks amazing in PINK!

****Post Subject****
please keep the posts mainly on Simple Plan, i am a random sort of person so off the subject posts once in awhile is okay just please don't come here and post about anything :)

These are the Rules for now :) Have fun :)

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